How to pay with cryptos

Paypal and credit card institutes do not want that “their” users/customers can buy healing and healthy magic truffles. So we are blocked by those monopolist finance companies!

You can buy cryptos with credit card, i.e. here: and use cryptos to pay in the checkout. BCH (Bitcoin cash) has very low fees!

Within 10-15 minutes, you’ll have your own functional Bitcoin Cash wallet. You can use it to purchase your magic truffles; get a little bit more cryptos than you need for the payment and they will increase in price while sitting in your wallet..

Here you can find our detailed instructions of how to set up and charge your Bitcoin Cash wallet in under 15 minutes (ENGLISH):

And don’t worry; You need zero prior knowledge of how to use them.
We’ll walk you through the process steb by step, teaching you the basics along the way.

If you’re already familiar with cryptocurrencies and have your own wallet at hand, you can skip those steps. Simply choose the crypto payment option at checkout and follow the instrucions on screen.

What is it and why should you care? Check out this guest contribution by our lead programmer, to get an idea of what cryptocurrencies can do and why they are likely to gain increasing relevance in the future.