Brain-E (Rose root, Rhodolia Rosea)


Whether you’re facing a creative writer’s block or an approaching deadline – Brain-E focuses the attention for several hours.

The natural ingredients con Brain-E support concentrated thinking without burning out the body’s reserves.



Hours of concentration

Ideal for hours of intense work and creative processes.

Brain-E helps with intense learning sessions and meeting deadlines, but also builds performance over the long term.

The combination of focus, stress resistance and build-up is ideal for the user who wants to use their head for more than just wearing a cap.



In the short term Brain-E helps to focus attention and get a lot done in a short time.

In the medium term it protects the body from overwork and toxic stress.

And in the long term, it provides vitamins and minerals for sustained performance improvement.



  • Concentration:
    • Rhodolia rosea extract 100mg
    • Caffeine 25mg
    • L-Theanine 60mg
  • Stress Resistance:
    • Gaba 75mg
    • L-tryptophan 100mg
    • DMAE 75mg
  • Nerve health:
    • Niacin 15mg
    • Choline 100mg
    • L-Carnitine 50mg

Magnesium stearate
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)


Take 1-2 capsules about 45 minutes before for desired effects.

Brain-E stands for performance enhancement and can be ideally combined with Microdosing and Lion’s Mane.



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