One of the classics of Dutch smartshops are their pills and herbal extracts; Legal, but very effective!

Contents: Hawaiian wood rose (150 mg), caffeine (20 mg), calcium dioxide, magnesium stearaate, vegetarian capsule.

  • energizing
  • aphrodisiac
  • psychedelic


Psychedelic and exciting

Natural psychedelics are fascinating, but sometimes difficult to assess.

The advantage with preparations is that the variations in effect content are smaller than with the pure raw material. Thus, a Trip-E capsule always contains the same amount of Hawaiian wood rose and caffeine, which are the main active ingredients of this stimulating mixture.



Trip-E produces colorful visions with mystical character.

The effect occurs about 30-60 minutes after ingestion and can last between four and six hours.
The user can reach a euphoric state after taking the seeds, which is followed by a pleasant tingling sensation throughout the body that lasts for some time.

According to experienced users, the effect of Trip-E can be compared to a mild LSD trip.

(The big advantage here is that Trip-E is completely legal and officially manufactured and sold).


About the Hawaiian Woodrose

Main active ingredient: Ergin (also present in ergot, can serve as a raw material for the synthesis of LSD).

Ergin produces just those “typical” psychedelic effects which are also expected from DMT, magic mushrooms or LSD.



Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach.

The effects appear after about 45 minutes.




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