Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

With the order, the buyer, called you, enter into a purchase agreement with ForestDreams, Rudigerstraat 39A, 5408 AA Volkel, Netherlands.

Refund & return policy

All of our products have a long shelf life and can be send back to us within four weeks after the customer has received the order according to the shipping company’s track & trace record.
ForestDreams will refund all products that have not be opened and are still sealed.
Prior to sending the order back, contactForestDreams via email: contact@ForestDreams.nl to negotiate the pickup/shipment back to ForestDreams. In case that you ship on your own expenses without prior written consent of ForestDreams, these will not be refunded!


By paying for the order, you grant ForestDreams the order to deliver the ordered goods to you.
Canceling of your order is only possible as long as the order was not handed to the carrier.
After you make the order, check the notification e-mail from ForestDreams.nl against the delivery data. If you should not receive a notification e-mail, check your SPAM folder!
In case that you find any mistake in the delivery data, immediately send an email to contact@ForestDreams.nl with the order-# and the correction of the delivery address. Fresh food products that cannot be delivered and are returned cannot be refunded!

Privacy policy and emails:

You agree to accept e-mails from ForestDreams concerning your order! You will do your best to make sure that you will receive those notifications and read all information concerning your order and shipment. Failing to read ForestDreams’ notifications might result in lost shipments and the possible expenses won’t be covered by ForestDreams. In case that you do not receive notification messages from ForestDreams about your order or contact, your mailer is censoring our e-mails and it is up to you to enter contact@ForestDreams.nl into your address book to make sure you will receive those notifications.
We value your privacy and use your data only to fullfil the order and receive related information about the state of the order and your satisfaction concerning your order and our communication with you. We do not pass your data to other parties than the chosen shipping company.
We do not record nor keep credit card data. We keep the order data as long as it is legally necessary.

Volkel September 1st, 2021